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Suggestion about I.B, I.D and Kamar @Cyan


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I wasn't honestly going to give any feedback regarding to this. First of all let me just say thank you for updating these instances to give fighting fragments. Whoever pushed for this, honestly thank you very much. However there is one suggestion I'd like to give. The losing team gets half of the fighting fragments. My reason for creating this thread and also suggesting this idea is from one week playing all these instances. Today I was frustrated when I quick queued and got an afk from KT in I.B. I was very confused as to why anyone would want to afk I.B especially since the losing rewards are god awful. I then suspected the character on my team was someone's alt. I am not sure but it seemed very much to be that way. One of the players from the opposing team came right to our spawn point and started to attack the afk character as they needed some more points for the win. Last week I also queued another instance and unfortunately had 2 alt characters from the opposing team on my team so even though it was 2 quick queue teams one had 6 active people playing (the person from KT also had a small premade of 2 other people who queued with him/her as they were from the same legion) and the other which was my team only had 4 people playing. It was even funny when I realized what was going on stated it in chat and they sent their alts down to mid to feed them more points as their alts were afk until they needed more points. The characters were in starter lakrum gear and below rank 4. Not to mention losing teammates from client crashes, internet disconnects etc which I know are not Ncsoft's fault. I just think joining these instances and hoping to win, also along with not everyone is constantly resetting instances with luna, is time consuming to potentially lose under some of the circumstances I have mentioned and be basically in the same position before fighting fragments were added to these instances.

Also since the change has been implemented the geared groups have been resetting their cooldowns for the instances like I.D ect as per usual so you still have the same case as before. Those groups demolishing the other groups and the losing team walking out with not much to show for it. I think the idea is that with the new change you can sell the fighting fragments for a lot of profit. I do not think 10 is too much and it will still require people to farm those instances to get gear especially legendary to ultimate gear. I know some people were discussing this and some agree and disagree but honestly the more geared people we have on each servers means the more people to have actual competition against in pvp instances and make open world more active. Just my opinion.

Just wanted to say that my suggestion might not be the best because I know the problems it might create and if anyone has a better idea they can write it. I just do not think with all these factors that queuing in and losing to get nothing at all is a good option especially for people who play even if they know they are going to lose.

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On 10/15/2019 at 11:04 PM, TheSecretCowLeve-KT said:

Players who are not acceptably geared for PvP should NOT attempt to join any premade groups.

Use "New Group" entry to form an auto-team.

You can already buy Fighting Spirit Fragments from the broker. Search for "conqueror". Be mindful of average number of fragments extracted for each type of items.

The first line I am not even going to explain to go through as it helps the point of my post. The 3rd line however I can have some input. I do not know what the prices are for those items on your server but on DN even armor can cost 19 mil and upwards. There's no big math to calculate that it isn't worth you spending money on any those items for how little fighting fragments it gives and how expensive they cost. 

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Adding spirit fragments on a pvp instance was a right move because to upgrade pvp gear we need them, so doing pvp should reward them in a way. Previously it was a matter of pure pve.

I am happy we have more ways to get spirit fragments and this is an addition, they didn't take away something else to give us this so we can be only grateful. The fact geared people buy resets just for this is a game feature. When an instance gives good rewards, people will reset for it.

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