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Was 5.x really destroyed Aion ?

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As you can see here 2017 was a horrible year for Aion the sale is really terrible we all know 2018 is the launch of 6.0 but what happened in 2017 and 2016.


According to history on aionpowerbook 2017 was the that 5.5-5.8 launched but if we remembered 2016 sell more than 2018 which considered as recovered year for Aion.


Late 2015 was the launch of 5.0 and entire 2016 was the patch 5.1-5.3 so hard leveling wasn't a thing that killed Aion in 2017.


2014 was a golden year for Aion 4.8 launched on December 3 2014.
So what happened to 5.5-5.8 patch in 2017 ? I believed the leveling is made even easier what I noticed and believed it was the cause is FM,BoS and introduction of essence cores and minions.
the instances is probably were too hard for anyone to complete,minons and essence cores is a heavy p2w form.

So p2w and too hard instances were probably things that killed Aion in 2017.

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It all comes down to what came before not the time of. EB online > Omega > Gear breaking/crazy cash shop advantages all this leading up to 5.5/5.8 caused the problems not so much 5.5/5.8 itself. All these frustrations(Yes KR was frustrated with them as well) build up until a breaking point happened and that is why what may of been good for the game failed because it was to little to late for changes.

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3 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

Yes I would like to believe the lowest point was 6.2 too but the sale doesn't lie.

Somehow at least in Korea 6.2 is successfully.

It was successful in KR because they switched from a P2P  to a F2P (although p2w) model. Our region was already F2P, added with the sad management it's obvious 6.2 was the worst

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Sales is not an indication of server population only what was spent by remaining players. There was a huge exodus away from Aion in 5.x but I think there was an even larger exodus in 6.0. More money spent possibly by those trying to catch up or the big spenders getting more new stuff. At any rate in NA they have proven to be very astute at shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly.

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While we've been a ways behind Korea, 4.8 was the beginning of a trend here in the west. It is the first update that began actively removing content from the game rather than just expanding upon it. Very popular regions and PvP zones were taken out and eventually replaced with some not quite as popular. This trend continued into the 5.x series of updates. Some regions getting removed or replaced. The Archedaeva system also came with 5.x and I've yet to meet a single person who genuinely thought that system was a good idea or at least a well executed one. 4.8 was where we crested over the hill and started heading down. 5.x is where we began steamrolling uncontrollably down said hill. 6.x is where we achieved terminal velocity and slammed into the ground after plummeting off a sheer cliff. 7.x is either us somehow barely surviving said fall or suddenly discovering the earth is hollow, penetrating the bedrock, and falling even deeper depending on who you talk to.

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