Purifying PvP gear requires Millions of AP Enchantment Stones Fighting Spirit Fragments Legendary / Ultimate Etiums PvP Instances provide the above the above items. So, according to Unbeatable-KT, if you are not PvP geared than do not join PvP instances. Your alternatives are as follows: Millions of AP Herelym Mine (Solo mid-lane) Lugbug Daily (Each daily Lugbug bundle is worth 10.8k AP on average) Enchantment Stones Ancient Enchantment Stones: Buy with Genesis Crystals (About 7 GC for 1 Ancient Enchantment Stone) Legendary Enchantment Stones: 16 Stelliums + 3 Ancient Enchantment Stones (Legendary Coupons 5x per week limit - 80 Stelliums to max out weekly purchase limit) Fighting Spirit Fragments (See spreadsheet for expected costs to make one unit) Buy Genesis Crystal equipment and extract them Level up Aetherforging to at least 100p and craft only Ancient T1 PvP Equipment Purchase Conqueror / Gilded equipment from broker Legendary / Ultimate Etiums Legendary Etiums: 3-man Herelym Mine Ultimate Etiums: Each unit purchased with 14 Stelliums. Takes 560 Stelliums to max out weekly purchase limit.