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A basic PvP guide from a sorc who never PvP ? :D


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Hi I never pvp and this guide is based oh what I imagined on what would happens my head if you feel it's rubbish you can leave now.

So if you stay feel free to read my imagined PvP guide

Basic PvP movement do not use keyboard and mouse on both hands while PvPing place you left hand on 1 2 3 4 5 6..... and right hand on arrow keys on keyboard.
Like in any FPS(First person shooting) games you always moving,moving giving your opponent headache and may failed their skills.Always running no matter you chasing or escaping.
First thing your opponent trying to do with you is disable you unmovable silence stun rooted ofc this depends on which class you facing some are your preys while some are your predators.
I'll give an example a battle between sorc and templar,as sorc and don't know stigma of templar the very first thing templar will try to do is buffing aether armor and doom lure you and then doom lure you I advice you running from him first and use illusion this will block his doom lure  and you should cast root on him keep distance not getting pull by AoE doom lure then cast curse of root asap.

This will give you a lot of times to decide which spells to use on templar if this decision is on me I'll cast vaziel wisdom or BoQ with magic assist then follow by silence and aether hold and spams aether flame,ofc templar will try to AoE doom lure you while you casting aether hold but you got stone skin for that once he breaks free from aether hold use flame cage and frost on him,now question is coming why templar doesn't use reflect shield if he got one,the answer is every templar planned it to use to counter mages so mage biggest hit will end the mage life.
So question is so we don't use big skills (Ofc never use big skills without vaziel too)? Yes we can but only when templar HP is 25% or less,25% because templar will already use reflect before that if he hasn't.I call 25% of temp life panic time and he will starting to run.And oh what you should use before 25% hp,every instant skill and low cast time such as 1 sec.While temp on 25%,he will does a couple things such as iron skin,doom lure mob so you can't sleep him or rooted him or DP full recovery 100%

If Iron skin then you can simply CoR or winter him wait until iron skin worn out.
If doom lure a mob if you got arcane thunderbolt use it and finish him off. 
If full HP 100% just sleep root him then get on mount and running to the guards lol.(No don't try to fight you already CD all skills you will be nothing but an easy prey)
That's how a sorc suppose to fight temp in my head.Ofc the best PvP experience is PvP yourself and ofc if you learning every class skills it will give you some ideas what that class will do to you.
I hope this guide will give general guideline how to pvp.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed :D you can considered it as a tale before bed time xD

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Er... I used to be governor and pretty active both ion pve and pvp and most of these scenarios almost never apply.

Your life as a sorc in a nutshell:
1) In pvp instances... stay at base unless you are full T2+15 with stack m.def/p.def to optional stats. You are going to be killed first in less than 1 second. Clerics cannot keep you alive. If you can survive for a few seconds and thus clerics can keep you alive, simply start runnign around while they chase you and try to land roots, mass stuns etc.
2) In open world, wherever you go,  someone with hide will come out of nowhere and will 1-sec kill you. Your class is made of prue glass and you will shatter no matter what. Our shield are pre6.0 relevant so they are useless most of the times.
3) Siege, well you have an advantage due to being a ranged character.

4) you made a sorc to be a top dps... reroll a Vandal, he does twice the job you do and he can kill every class (or group) solo, including instances bosses.

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