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Event XP / Loot Buff issue

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I have a couple of alt's which still have Cheska's 10% loot buff which lasts for 72hrs, which does not count down when logged out and cannot be right-click removed.

@Cyan  Can you please do something to allow us to get the current event buff?


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Lol me too, I logged some alts that are not max level to get them the buff and potentially level them since the +400% XP buff is 5x the normal XP, but we can't override any XP buffs. My alts had the cake buff which is just +200%.

The cake/coffin buffs should override each other and renew the buff you get.

Also in my main I was about to do an instance and I had to wait 8 minutes so this buff wears out so I can retake it and have it while in the instance. So all these kinda make it a little irritating.

We could at least be able to right click on that buff and remove it like any other buff we get on ourselves.

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