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Raging from Wings Over Atreia


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Remember Wings Over Atreia ? Articles that giving preview of Aion before official site or even giving free items back in 3.x 4.x,the article seems lost with 6.x but it's not and it back with full raging.





I think the author is playing Aion NA and asmo side but who is beyond me :P

To author you forgot to rage about transformation and all skins and NPCs that we lost xD

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I never followed her closely, but I do think MJ Guthrie contributed to NCWest's decision to remove faction restrictions on servers way back in 2012 - 2013. Mid 2012 she published an article highlighting why it was a bad idea and how NC was shooting themselves in the foot by barring people from playing with friends, forcing them to re-roll, etc. A few weeks after that post, restrictions were removed entirely and several months after NC announced it put together the Asmodian Initiative. Could be a coincidence, but her publicly blasting NC's decisions probably gave them incentive to change. It's a shame they don't care about player opinions anymore.

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