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Are NA's two servers (Katalam and Danaria) going to be renamed with 7.2?

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I'm forced to agree with the Squid on this one MooMoo. Though I do recognize your concern, and do see the potential for a lil confusion on newer or less experienced players, those of us who are veterans or have been playing on Katalaim and Dannaria for 3+ or more years now know where our accounts are and besides, an enemy is an enemy to me regardless whether KT or DN follows their characters name and in the heat of battle or your Zerging ( proper term depending on your playstyle and\or tactics) who is really going to care? It's gonna be 'Kill or be killed,' (lol).

The only thing that may, and I say this only imho is if Ely's and Asmodians from KT or DN decide to ally with one another for survival purposes or some yet unknown reason (who knows why some ppl do what they do, lol) and they lose track of their teammates who are on a different server but incodents like this even if possible would be very rare, few and far between. Hell, I know I myself (Asmo and proud here) would never team up with any cowardly Ely's based alone on some of their recent ambush tactics I've experienced in Lakrum let alone the probable 100 other reasons I can come up with.

However I do feel it necessary to point out that I do have a long experience with cross server platforms so this may be why I do not see much need for concern. You are usually right about these things after all MooMoo.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see on the name issue tho.

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