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Fighting Spirit Capsule on BCM


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So you need to pay 240 BCM to be able to make 40 spirit fragments tradeable. Let me tell you how you will not make a single dime of this feature.

1) People can use the 240 BCM to enter 4 more times on IB/ID and be able to get as many as 80 spirit fragments plus the AP, enchants and etiums! As long a they win (see list number 3)
2) You do not even need 240 BCM to do 4 more runs, you can make 240 luna for free every day with 12 chars so you can spam your IB/ID 4 more times free of charge.
3) This is debatable, but whoever would spend money in the game already has made plenty of alts so they can team-match themselves with their alts to get a sure win maximizing the gain of going in one more ID instead of paying money to transfer so little spirit fragments

The one and only way to make this work for you is to lower the price (or keep the price high but make more spirit fragments tradeable per capsule).
What would happen is people would spam instances with alts, getting free spirit fragments and then they would have to PAY YOU to transfer those because you can craft free luna,but you can't "craft" or generate in any way free BCM.

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