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This is more of a complaint than a helpful topic. MY complaint is FAILURES in enchanting Stigma Stones. I have one stone (Cyclone of Wrath) for Spiritmaster,  I have over 300$ in plus a gifted 4000 points reimbursement for failing over and over and after 300 Dollars and 4000 extra points awarded equals 350$ my stone is level +7. ISNT THAT AMAZING. My stones seem to be from hell and im supposed to get em to level 15? I CANT even get this stone to level 9 after 350 Real Life dollars and its +7. I have spent a lot of money and even a PAID player and I don't mind spending money on things as long as you can see the results but to spend that type of money for a stone that is half finished is ridiculous and not even level +9. I have 3 stones that are plus 9 and that must of been some type of miracle at this rate. If you spend 350 dollars on one stone and it cant get to level 9 they should give you a level 9 stone for free or 2 or 3 of em.. this is nutz. I continue with fails like that and it will be back to another game and see ya AION. cause I don't have 30,000 dollars to get a decent aion charachter by time you finish one up nicely at these rates of failures. Ya want that type of money I suggest AION fixes the odds of failures and listen to the ones paying for this game. Im sure a lot of ya pay for game and that's fine but im hopeing you don't have that type of fails over and over and if so.. ITS A PROBLEM and AION should fix it 

Sincerely , 

Spiritmaster  LVL 80

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i feel your pain on the stigma enchanting, ive been trying to do mine since enchanting stigmas came out and ive only been able to get 1 to +9  the rest are at +6, i said the hell with it and gave up trying to enchant them , its a waste of time and a money sink tbh, and to try to get them all to +12 , lol,  ncsoft is just sitting back in there chairs laughing there ass's off while ppl just dump tons of money trying to do it.

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this is normal, chance 20%(unofficial information from a different website), himself spent circa 50 of stones on strengthening with +8 until +6 .

chance 20% means, that requires strengthen 5 units from +8 until +9 to get one lucky, but can happen and with one attempts.

Therefore perform special events with an increased chance

(sorry bad inglish)

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