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Why my weapon get PVE attack and defense fewer than other?

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Hi there! 
My Orb has Pve attack +202 and defense same without enchant, but i enchant it to +15 and get +331 Pve attack and +91 Pve defense while ultimate soldusk noble has +141 Pve attack and +141 defense when enchant it to +15 get Pve attack +371 and defense +101 points more than me really thats unfair and make me confused....... I will send pictures and u r look the defrence thats dosent make sense.




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Different weapons have different PVE modifiers. The Ereshkigal weapons are older than/not as good as the Soldusk. The new weapons just have more bonus, but less base. Here's my weapon, which is another current patch staff. It has the same bonus PVE amount as the Soldusk, although it has more base PVE attack than the Soldusk.


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7 minutes ago, EvilPride-DN said:

aw ur weapon so strong gratz easy get it or ? ... so no way must I try to get strong orb

Your weapon is perfectly fine to use. I was just saying that the reason its stats are a bit less is because it's an older/weaker weapon than Demaha/Soldusk weapons. :)

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36 minutes ago, EvilPride-DN said:

can u help me to get demha weapon

I'm afraid not. You're Elyos and I'm Asmo. :$

The Ultimate Demaha Champion weapons come from the four world bosses that spawn everyday in Demaha -- the snake, dragon, fire boss, and frog as they are commonly called. They spawn once per day and, once dead, they do not spawn again until 20-24 hours later. Note, these bosses only have a CHANCE to drop the Ultimate weapons; it's not guaranteed. So you would need to be in the alliance/league that succeeds in killing the world boss, have the Ultimate Demaha Champion Orb/Spellbook actually drop, and then have the winning roll. So it's a bit tough to get them. But not impossible! Good luck! :)

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