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China to regulate online gaming habits


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Here's my own chinglish translation to the image mentioning to the proposal:

1. Execute online game account real name registration policy

  • From this, <<Notice>> request strict real name registration, all online game user must use valid identity documents in order to process game account registration

2. Strictly regulate non-adult-aged persons using online game time duration

  • Require everyday 22:00 to next day 08:00 cannot provide game services to non-adult-aged persons, statutory holidays limit 3 hours per day, other days limit 1.5 hours per day

3. Regulate on providing paid services to non-adult-aged persons

  • Regulate game service businesses cannot provide paid services to users under 8 years of age
  • Same game service business providing game paid services:
    • Users between 8 and 16 years of age:
      • Single top up cannot exceed 50 RMB
      • Total monthly topup amount cannot exceed 200 RMB
    • Users 16 years of age or older who are not adult aged:
      • Single top up cannot exceed 100 RMB
      • Total monthly topup amount cannot exceed 400 RMB

4. Execute increased enforcement on businesses

5. Explore executing age guidance policy

6. Strongly guiding parents, schools etc. society various forces of power on non adult aged persons monitoring and protection policy responsibilities, helping non adult aged persons get a proper online game spending view and behavior patterns

Issued by Xinhua agency

(Registration for mainland China Aion requires real Chinese name and Chinese identification card number. That information is also used to determine whether anti-addiction system apply or not)



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