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So as I did read thoroughly through the terms of service for forums I could understand under 1 reason my post being deleted, as I was on an alt account posting semi in regards to my main so now I’ve gained access back to my main so I raise the question one last time, and if my post is deleted again I assume ncsoft doesn’t care and I’ll be sure to inform everyone in game of my findings. So if my post is in violation of one of the terms of service I would like a message citing my post and citing the terms of service for forums sent to me.

As we all sit here in the aftermath of a mass banning for an “exploit” of ec that for some reason ncsoft allowed to go too far before removing it, the question remains. What about the players who have been caught hacking numerous times? The bots that are always out botting? And why are my posts in regards to this matter being deleted over and over???? Do you not like someone calling you out on it openly in forums @Cyan

Again, we are currently playing a game where people get banned for “exploiting” a bug that ncsoft allowed to go on rather than take care of it in a reasonable amount of time, while hackers and botters continue to roam our servers without consequence. Please give me a valid reason for this.

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