Greetings Daevas, Server merges are happening on Wednesday, October 11. Character names and Legion names will be reset, and all character will receive a Name Change Ticket and Legion Brigade Generals will receive a Legion Name Change to reacquire the names they were using before the merge. Of course we expect there to be conflicts as players with the same name on different servers may be attempting to reclaim their ownership on the new merged server. We’ll be helping directly mediate any name ownership disputes through our Customer Support department. For us to be able to assist everyone as quickly as possible, please be aware of the following: Only reacquire a name you were actively using prior to the server merges. If you have no prior claim to the name and a dispute is filed, you will lose it. Further, if there is malicious intent found to be behind you acquiring the name, action can and will be taken against your account. Do not hold names for friends. A name ownership dispute is the appropriate avenue for them to resolve their request. Also be aware Legion/Character Name Change tickets will also temporarily be made unavailable for purchase following the merge, which will make saving names more difficult for both of you. Customer Support will assist players with name ownership disputes, and determining rightful ownership based on the following: Are both characters level 65+? If not, the higher level character will own the name If so, ownership will be given to the character with the earliest creation date Are both legions recently active with active players? If not, the more active legion will be given the name If so, ownership will be given to the legion with the highest contribution Please understand that name ownership disputes may take time based on overall request volume, with the average wait time being up to a week or longer. We’ll be handling these requests in the order in which they’re received. You have up to 30 days from the merge date to submit an appeal for a name ownership dispute.