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51 minutes ago, Briearios-DN said:

 A ranger can silence bury a Spiritmaster before he/she can get any of the very long fears out. The combo is usually stun (to bait remove shock) debuff, bury silence, burst, sleep arrow, sleep trap, bury silence and the Spiritmaster is usually talking to their soul healer about the last visit he or she just made there.

There is no Soul healers here, topic is about Arena of Discipline...

is a very different situation to be jumped out of nowhere in open world by a fully buffed sin/ranger in hide while you are distracted giving them a Huge advantage to a fight in AoD where u are prepared for it.

in 6.0 Ranger lost 3 skills used to help bury silence cbt_ra_woundingarrow_g1.png ra_steelarrow_g1.png cbt_ra_light_poisontrap_g1.png

wich only leaves 3 skills to do a bury 

cbt_ra_light_sandstormtrap_g1.png is melee range and 2 second cast time is not that easy to land

ra_sealingarrow_g1.png 25m range easy to land

cbt_ra_entangleshot_g1.png wich gets nullified by SM el_earthguardiance_g1.png (can be used to remove the slow or preventive to resist the slow as gives really high resistance)

also SM have a Resist live_ch_protectself_g1.png (is long ass CD but is enough to land a fear and get the job done)

so From 3 skills 1 gets countered and the other requieres certain conditions to be met (Nimble Fingers up 2 min cd, and Melee range)

so unless the SM is really bad or the Ranger have 30 ping is quite hard to just land a bury from the get go in AoD.

1 hour ago, Briearios-DN said:

 I don't think you know how hard it is to maneuver around those resists of classes that are your actual counters

You don't need to maneuver much... you have THIS el_terrorspirit_custom_a.pngNightmarish Shriek 100% effectiveness.  Who cares how many resist you enemy has when your Fear ignores them all LMAO. Also 1.5 sec cast time while casting speed capped is what 0.75 sec ? and when you cast bar is a bit more than 50% the fear lands anyways even if you get stun or sleep, so a time between 0.38 to 0.75 seconds i would not call that a ''Ridiculous long cast time''

While silenced u can still Use potions, Run away, take cover behind structures to take less damage.

while you are Feared u can't do anything at all, that is way it is the stronger skill in game
and when a fear lands its just so easy to land another fear after that one and then another one or make silence/bind/slow burry with the bazillion debuffs SM have

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Can someone tell me a patch where SM wasn't top tier broken as nyerk besides 1.5, because i think the only patch they even had a change that could be considered a nerf was 4.7. The patch that they seperated the scroll cooldown but even calling that a nerf to such an overpowered class is laughable at best. God forbid SM's have 1 somewhat difficult matchup VS ranger that is still an autowin if they press instant fear.

Back on topic, theres OP classes every patch and they come and go. Although to the degree that Chanter and Cleric were overpowered and Cleric still is, is quite ridiculous compared to any other patches "overpowered class". Maybe in 8.0 cleric will finally be nerfed, but I'd say the bigger problem with cleric is that they made the difference between a good cleric and bad cleric non existant so any cleric is borderline unkillable by a lot of classes. Obviously eventually getting nerfed doesn't apply to SM's though don't think that class will ever be nerfed lol.

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On 11/20/2019 at 5:07 PM, Hellish-DN said:

Sins do not have 5 resist skills, sins have 3 resist skills.  The .5 cast of fear is almost impossible to resist even with good ping (and it's not a 100% resist, it can hit through FE or AT).  Rangers only truly counter SMs, sins it's an event fight assuming equal gear and ability.  Let's not talk about the fact that you can bury silence/bind on us easily while also being able to turn us INTO A GRAPE for 10+ seconds.

If you play your class to the best ability, and are equal gear with someone you should almost never lose a fight.

Confused about that line there. Are you saying the 0.5 aoe fear is hard to resist because of how fast the cast is? That is why you mentioned ping? I would understand that because if you fight a Spiritmaster with a much lower ping than you have, it would be hard to time FE but I'll take a risk here and say unless you used all your resists, a Spiritmaster wouldn't randomly throw that fear out without burying silence first and then rooting you. The bolded area was confusing since that fear does not go through FE from any of the classes that have FE or AT. I had to ask other Spiritmasters on my server just in case there was some 7.0 change I didn't know about and they all said that the 0.5 aoe fear can be resisted. Only the longer cast Daevanion Skill cannot be resisted. I think you need to chat with Bighook who I think is stating Ranger doesn't not counter Spiritmaster.

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