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computer restart without warning


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for whatever reason my computer has started restarting without warning only when i play aion...

between being 5-10 mins into my session it does this...

if i let it sit idle without the game running it stays fine with no errors my power supply / gpu is brand new (last 2 months) so ive tested and ruled out those as a possibility for restart.

Ive made no changes to my computer for this to start happening. there have been no automatic updates or program updates to warrant this...


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temps are all normal....the computer itself used to be a 'display' computer  so when i got it i switched out the OS / Power Supply / GPu etc...  everything is new...

temps are showing normal via using OpenHardware app 


whats happening is concurrent with a power supply pooping out but i dont understand considering ive tested this power supply on another computer running aion with no issues...

bios is up to date....i covered all bases i could considering this was a display model ;P


im just stumped ;P 

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