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Zombie AFK jumping fest.

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So this AFK event has turned every main city into an afk-jumping fest. Apparently people leave their chars logged and then they stuck the space button so their chars continuously jump so they won't get dc. Can we please never get another afk event in the future? Most people don't even "play" 6 hours, they just afk it while they sleep, this is not bringing any activity to the game, it turns everyone into lethargic zombies.

If you make a search for specific classes to recruit, the majority of people online are sleeping while their chars jump afk, and I do not blame the players for that, but NCWest for implementing the most stupid events.

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The problem I have with the jumping characters is that they are so unimaginative. I've found better ways to "rich" in Aion in recent years, but:

(a) I think you can have the character sit down, then put a weight on the spacebar. This prevents the inactivity timeout without the jumping.

(b) Keys besides spacebar prevent inactivity timeout with the character standing still. Keyboards vary, but I recall something like putting a weight on the insert key on the numeric keypad works. Probably other keys.

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Aion players: to get someone's attention when I'd like a group invite, heal or buff, I should stand where they can see me and jump a few times.

Also Aion players: the perfect way to afk is to park my character in front of a frequently used NPC and place a brick on the spacebar.


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