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Xforms Event puca.

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is annoying, when you try to farm pucas event, yea is cool 100 % drop, but hole event i can get only 1 puca, because all xform kill everyone around, and now  make partys/ ally for that, there should be a update for event to make the " normal" or casual player can farm this event 

is just an opinion 

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You got one more horn than I got! (Mostly because I haven't bothered trying.)

No. This part of the event was not made for casual players and it wasn't meant for players hoping to get a little gear. It was meant for players that already have gear to get more gear.

Because that makes sense.

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The Tuca part of this event is the worst. If NC remembers correctly, they didn't reset GP this month, so last month's people still have their xforms while new people can't xform for the event and simply lose out on a major amount of tucas. Specific Asmos and Elyos make a truce between them to not kill eachother but kill everyone else that goes to their spot which.. speaks for itself. Not even talking about the % proc rate because I've only proc'd 2 times out of the 9 I've tried.

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