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Follow up on Evergale Fix you all received?!

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Some details are still being figured out but there's likely to not be a fix going out this week due to another issue discovered. As I stated before, we will be getting lost rewards out due to Evergale once more details are finalized.

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@Ele-DN Jokes on us...7.2 is the fix muhahahaa lol no seriously you are probably right sigh. Real talk @Cyan I came back to the game right after the exploit and with some effort I am nearly full ultimate geared even without the additional instance runs. That's kinda crazy one of the 3 weekly rotational PvP instances (not counting KBF ) has been gone so long, other than the icon that haunts me every few days, i forgot it existed. Not blaming you all necessarily as you have made it known the process of receiving fixes is a long one. However you know as well as I in nearly any other game it would be very taboo to make the community wait this long to fix a core element of the end game PvPvE just saying.  Hugs.... no kisses....nope you all don't deserve those right now.... fix my stuff no kappa

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