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No, you socketed the stigma for the quest. The stigma gives you a skill. You bound it to your quickbar. It happens with every skill that has requirements to use, they remain in your quickbar in case you, for example, swap stigmas or Essence setup back and forth.

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Ok I don't think you're understanding what Bryos is saying. He's explaining it correctly, but I'll try a different method lol.

Your very first stigma that you get during the quest is temporary. You only use it for that one quest. So you have the icon for it -- for that one quest. However, after that quest, the stigma will AUTOMATICALLY disappear. Now, as Bryos said, it will stay in your quickbar (unless you remove it). If you ever get that stigma in the future and re-socket it, your quickbar icon will illuminate again.

Also, I love that this thread is just a bunch of chanters arguing back and forth. xD

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