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Aion 7.2 is coming?

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11 hours ago, Cyan said:

But I speak English! I don't think things are really THAT bad, come on now! Although sometimes I do forget to change a date or two.

It was a joke, your messages usually confuse us than they enlighten us in some cases.

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Yay Finally!!! the 29th :3

Everyone was saying it would have to be this month and I didnt believe it! 
What I don´t understand is why are ppl so mad? Like, okay I get it, you might be dissapointed.. You don´t like changes for the last few patches, bugs, EC, or things like "meh I dont care, Aion is already dead", etc, etc,. So, why do you keep playing? Why do you keep posting? Isnt`t it so much easier to just log out and find another game to play?

I did find myself in that same situation a couple of months ago, so I did just that. I tried every other MMORPG and what happened? I came back to Aion, there is nothing out there for me. Anyways, I´m so excited for the news! Thanks Cyan. 

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15 hours ago, Cyan said:

It's coming today! Still lots of time left today [insert broken emoji]

I'll be damn the official announcement actually came!!! Thanks Cyan!

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