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Returning after quitting back in 4.8


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Hello everyone, as i stated in the title i am a returning player from the 4.8 era and i currently am.... Well.. Lost.

Nothing makes sense to me as of now, i lost some skills and i keep looking for skill preceptors to see if i can get them back but they dont sell skills anymore, Scrolls of movement, attack speed and so on are gone. Can´t acces certain areas like sanctum's upper half. I mean, i dont even know what to do or were to start from. Is there are help guide out there? o-o

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Hopefully I can help a bit, in an effort to make things easier you no longer have to buy skills from a skill preceptor, they get added to your skill list automatically and you just have to put them in free of charge. Some skills were removed, I think to make combat easier and just removing the skills that weren't used a lot don't quote me on that lol, i would check your skill list [K] and look for all the skills that have an X next to them and that'll show if they're on your toolbar or not. I recommend clicking them because they'll make a sound if they are on there or not.

It's a bummer that they removed scrolls but they've replaced them with transformation potions which do the same thing. They removed a lot of areas and zones and made the game very end game orientated. The dark blue quests are the easiest way to navigate through leveling and so are luna quests. Unfortunately whatever gear you had back in 4.8 isn't very useful so try to get your hands on new gear as fast as possible. Lakrum Quests will give you a pve wep and gear. 

I was in a similar situation like you when I came back it was hard to adjust at first. But you'll get there in no time at all. I have seen that it might be easier to just make a new character and level up to 80, they make it very easy and takes a couple days it's totally up to you.


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1.- Upper part of sanctum is gone you can't access it anymore, same happened to some part of Pandamonium
2.- Scrolls for cast/crit/running/fly etc. Got removed, if you had the event 30 minutes still on chest you can use them all others were deleted.
3.- Skills got removed / fused / combined and some got different lv of acquisition, skills that had same effects gone, skills that are similar fused that goes for all classes
4.- Game is easier than ever to lv up, you can hit lv 80 in 1 day o 1 week if you want or cant spend too much time playing.
5.- Some maps are gone too, but 2 new were added
6.- got Luna instance that gives a reward that randomly contains Jellies, Enchantment stones, administrator scrolls, and other goodies besides 5 types of stones needed to craft with luna, also Luna stones maybe used to Luna that can be used to reset instances and other stuff
7.- We got a new transformation system, you can transform into a Penguin a Bear or some Legendary boss, Including Tahabata, Kaisinel, etc, Each one have certain effects such as casting speed, run speed, crit, attack etc. Choose the one right for you class, you will need a transformation contract, and a transformation scroll to use them, also you can use potions to achieve this, difference? Contracts are permanent and can be used with the scroll, potions are 1 time use and last 9 min dependin on the xform grade the better it is less it last.
8.- While you can still use pets, it is better to use a Minion, Rank A gives the best stats, Rank B are ok, you can fuse rank C minions to get a chance to get a Rank B and you can fuse rank B to get an A grade minion.
9.- We got Lugbug quests, they are a daily Quest to-do list if complete 8 daily quest you get a fancy reward also there is a weekly version.
10.- We got Gold Traders Store you may find almost anything you'll need there from res stones to contracts, enchantments etc.

As a comeback player I will suggest you to move to Lakrum (if you are above 76) or go to sanctum and see if you get the red quest that gives some stuff such as armor, weapons, mounts and enchantment stones and follow the Campaing quests and do every single blue mission you find, the green-ish or "normal" quest you may skip. Also get to any instance you can get in, they give exp boost and jewelery/armor/weapon, DO not Enchant Gold items (ancient) wait till you get at least legendary to start tryint to enchant.
Do solo instances as BoS, and FM and if you can run IDD and PF to start PvE gearing, PvP you'll need to do camps @ Lakrum to get Crystals from quests, and those crystals can be exchanged @ Lakrum for gear PvP also you can buy Enchantment stones.

11.- AP?, now the AP is needed a lot to upgrade PvP gear, so try to go to every siege you can attend, and try to do AD/ID/IB PvP instances you'll get around 200k AP from a fail siege and 500k from a successful siege, + PvP AP you get.

There is too much that has changed and this is just a "quick guide" so other stuff you'll find out in game.
good Luck! :D


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Welcome back.

Skills have had a couple of major overhauls since you last played. Some skills have been combined. Some skills are acquired at a later level. So it's important that you read through all your skills to see how things have changed. As was stated, you auto-acquire skills now. All you need to do is level. Any skill that is greyed out on your bar should just be removed. As you gain new skills you can add them back.

Stigmas have also had several reworks. Your stigmas may actually appear "broken" or cracked and may have been auto-sold when you first logged back in. You should have also had, though, in your inventory bags that will give you new stigmas. You no longer need stigma shards. Stigmas can be slotted at a stigma NPC or just from your inventory using kinah. Though if you slot them from your inventory without using the NPC, you have to wait 5 minutes before using them. The cost, however, is the same. You will also see that when you slot a certain set of stigmas, you get a "linked" stigma skill for free. Lastly, you can no enchant stigmas. You enchant them by using a duplicate stigma or by using a stigma enchantment stone. Once your stigmas are enchanted to certain levels, you get a boost to your stigma skills and can even open up additional stigma slots.

All of your old crafted scrolls are now no longer used. In their place, we now have "transformations". Transformations come in different tiers and give better bonuses as the tiers go up. Each transformation gives a different set of bonuses. These include most of the things we used to get from scrolls like run speed, attack speed and cast speed. Also they can give boosts to your stats. To use a transformation you need to first open it up. You do that by acquiring Transformation CONTRACTS. You can buy one of these each week from the Gold Sand Traders (in game store.. it's the little shugo icon to the right of your flight indicator). You also have a chance to get them from the last boss of end-game instances starting with FM. They are also usually rewards from events. Lastly, you get some for free from a new leveling reward system. So just level and you will acquire some. Once you have opened a transformation, you can use it by using a Transformation SCROLL. You can also by those from the Gold Sand Traders, but you can also have a chance to get them from your daily Luna instance (another new system).

Leveling has been totally reworked as well. It's been streamlined and is much easier to follow. Just do all the quests. From those quests you will get everything you need to level. You won't need to grind at all. You will get the gear you need to level and won't have to buy anything. In the streamlining of leveling, many areas were removed or changed. That's what happened to Sanctum. 

Crafting has also been reworked. That's why you don't need the upper half of Sanctum. The only crafting now is aetherforging and you will learn about that once you get to level 76.

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