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7.2 Coming January 29th

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okay but more importantly:

1) In other regions, kinah wasn't the only thing that was account warehouseable in 7.25. Aetherforging materials, brokerable manastones, Etiums and Fighting Spirit Fragments were also included. Why isn't that included in the list ?
2) 7.2 nerfed PVE in a devastating way, legendary enchantment stones stopped dropping in pf/idd (along with guaranteed ultimates being removed from certain instances I think) and a lot of players were stuck, unable to progress. This change was reversed in EU shortly after release, will we get the same ?
3) Are we keeping our morph designs for enchantment stones ?
4) Will Genesis Crystal ancient enchantment stone boxes be nerfed to 5 a week, like they currently are in EU after a mini-patch post 7.2's initial release ?
5) Will our new Apostle and Marchutan transformations be adjusted to the level of the current legendary transformations, or will we (finally) get the actual transformation stats intended by Nc Korea for all transformations, including those we already have ?
and also
6) preview stream ?


Not gonna lie I'm kinda curious how you will add rank S minions without the rest of the patch that was added on that same exact day (September 18th + link), i.e. Danaria (Pandarunerk's Delve and Pradeth sieges), the attack timer system for finishing certain instances in a timely manner (PF NM, SL EM, SL NM, BE EM and BE NM) and Training Discipline being re-added. I hope you won't break the game even more by adding half-patches. uwu

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There are plenty of system changes on the way including the ability to store Kinah in the Account Warehouse, more obtainable Cubics, skill balances for all classes, and more.

  1. In the standard 7.2 (Part 2) update, certain consumables become account warehouseable. May subject to regional custom changes.
  2. Ultimate equipment drop rate in IDD and PF was custom nerfed by NCWest since the beginning of 7.0. These were a 100% chance to drop on other regions
  3. NCWest custom content. To be answered by @Cyan
  4. Limited to 5 times per week (PvE and PvP are separate counts) with the standard 7.2 (Part 1) update. EU players are complaining about this all the time. May subject to regional custom changes. In Vashiro's 7.5 KR OBT stream, it showed the limit raised to 10 per week.
  5. New 7.0 transformed were adjusted to the NA customized levels. Very likely for the case of Marchutan. To be answered by @Cyan
  6. ?


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I would add.. what about the EC compensation? Will we be getting that this week or next?

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I assume they won't change anything from the official releases other than the already regional things. We were the first to get the boborunerk coins, nobody else had them, then EU followed. We were also the first (along with RU) to get luna daily and weekly a few years ago, other regions like EU got it in 6.2. So I believe we will have the boborunerk coins intact.

As for items that are account warehouse storable, since they didn't mention any regional nerf we can assume they will keep it like this as well.

The fact hey nerfed PVE drops for us is what kills our game even more. I have stopped doing pve instances 3 weeks after 7.0 launched because 3/4 of the times there was no ultimate and when there was, it was always something like a mystic leather or chain.

As for the new transformations, I doubt we will get the actual stats, we will get a nerfed version like we have in all transforms. I still never understood why they had to over-nerf the stats so badly.

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11 minutes ago, Yurizaki-KT said:

return the private store to the game >(

I'm tired of losing profits from selling something in the trade broker

I would suggest them to simply make things tradeable again as they were pre-6.0, including kinah, because so far the only ones benefiting from this are the botters themselves and the abusers.

People tried to trade items through broker and they lost it to broker snatchers. Or they had to trade items and lost a ton of money for the broker fees since they put the items in a high price so they won't lose them to snatchers. Effectively the people who tried to trade items lost them and the actual abusers got them, so the untradeability of the items benefits those that were supposed to be hurt by this measure, while the actual players are those that suffer from this every day.

These measures not only made kinah sellers and abusers more powerful but they also drove hundreds of normal players away from the game because it became impossible to play and keep up.

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