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NA-Transformation Contracts Balance


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Is there any particular reason why the NA Transformation Contracts were adjusted so much in the first place? With the ease of getting gear from fighting fragment bottleneck getting resolved  is it even necessary still for 7.2? It seems they are really unbalanced when it comes to magic casting classes like Sorc/SM and Clerics vs Melee classes whom can reach their Attack speed cap while also having the extra run speed the NA contracts provide to close the gap or escape when a quicker casted spell or 2 would've altered the fight in the caster's favor. Even if you keep the other stats nerfed as is, the casting and attack speed stats shouldn't have so much disparity. Especially since casters have a self-imposed root when a spell has any kind of cast time (and some with no cast time also roots us in place).  The longer the cast time the longer we're rooted in the spot for free without any aid of a movement reduction skill from an opposing enemy.

Right now with Viola (35% cast speed) + Ult Weapon Book/Orb (20% cast speed) and not counting a title and candy we're only at 55% of the 75% cap. Even with Kaisinel's 40% cast speed we're still only at 60%. With title and candy and Kaisinel you'd be lucky to bust 67%.  Melee's cap on the other hand is only 50% and can exceed the cap to 60% with Kaisinel presently.  Most only need Kromede to make their cap or Hamerun/Masterius +title/candy to reach their cap.


Please revisit this decision for 7.2 because since 6.0 magic casting classes have had their potential damage output reduced because of increase cast times of more than 25% on average if you have Viola and an Ultimate Weapon which should be considered higher-end buffs.

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1 hour ago, Hellish-DN said:

It was re-balanced more in line with run speed increases, they reduced casting/attack speed on Xforms in favor of run speed.  Run speed is more important anyways.

"run speed is more important anyways"?

As a caster I would rather see the improved cast/attack speed.

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Run speed is more important to who? Re-balanced for what?  Korea and EU didn't get this cast speed/attack speed nerf- run speed re-balance, why did NA *need* it?  As a result, 1 style of play (spell casting) has it's potential spell output reduced significantly in favor of 10% more run speed? Also, reduced attack speed on transformations didn't hurt melee classes much because they are still either extremely close to their cap, at the cap, or exceeding it significantly in the case of Kaisinel.  That means that not only did the melee classes NOT get much of a penalty at all in attack speed in favor of run speed but they also received a significant boon against those very spell caster opponents since the spell casters output potential is significantly reduced as a result of the cast speed nerf on transformation putting us far behind our cap.


If the problem in the beginning of the 6.0 reboot of the game here in NA was that Legendary Contracts would be very rare and scarce (they indeed are) to the point where a casting and attack speed nerf was warranted in favor of run speed, then even now in 7.0 and 7.2 it should be even less warranted because though the Legendary Contracts are still very rare, legendary transformations are not.  There isn't a person on the server that don't regularly receive a legendary transformation potion from accidentally finishing a daily lugbug quest that actually lets you select the desired Legendary Transform they want.  Sure they can't just keep popping them all nilly-willy, but they do receive a small supply of it regularly. And even easier for new characters leveling up can farm 500 Legendary Transformation potions pretty easily by just killing the boss mobs on the map that drop the legendary weapons in the old zones like Heiron, Ignisson, Cygnea and their asmo equivalents.


Main point being this, melee nerf to attack speed on transformations doesn't stop them from either attaining or exceeding their cap but also grants them increase run speed while casters are hit with a cast speed nerf with identical run speed benefits but giving melee an advantage as far as output potential when facing the opposite play style. That's not balanced.

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Add to this that casters still need attack speed for the animation speed, while attack speed users rely on attack speed 99% of the time (unless they have that one casting skill or two maybe). So nerfing attack speed in favor of speed makes the offense of casters even less, while it gives attack speed users all they need to be capped and an additional speed to favor them even more.

Speed is indeed important, but it also kinda negated our slows, speed is capped at 12 yes, but the bonuses interact with the speed debuffs, so increasing speed bonus made slow debuffs less powerful because some classes get a surplus of speed so even with a slow they can still run close to top speed.

With Kaisinel I am capped at 0.4 c.speed (with tahabata I was capped at 0.5, kaisinel takes the +50% cap and make it a +60% cap) but my attack speed is 1,2 and with WoW it can go as low as 0.9 and that is the cap. After they removed attack speed Spellbooks we still can't reach max attack speed with self buffs and we need it. I can have capped speed with my old 5.8 weapon for example (which I still have to buff myself with the buff it has).

Casters in general are pre 6.0, every class is so fast at attacking now that a casters can die some times before he can even cast a key skill that is too slow. Sleep for example that has 2 seconds base c.stime, a sin or a vandal can kill you in less than 2 seconds. This is why sorcerer is at the rock bottom of the list because he is the only true casting class left int he game, it is both dps wise but we also never got a survivability boost like all classes did.


If they didn't nerf the attack speed and casting speed, effectively most classes would have been good enough with a legendary transform while kaisinel would only benefit the break of the cap (which as stated adds a +10% bonus to the cap). Now kaisinel is still not capping you in some cases.

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That is what I was alluding to as well when I said Melee got a boon when going against casters as movement speed reduction skills/slows got an unintended nerf as a result of this movement speed re-balance.  Casters are casting slower from the cast speed nerf while melee are attacking at their cap while getting to and from a caster faster.  As I said, we still have to remain rooted to cast a spell with any sort of cast time and some 0 cast time spells require us to stand still as well. We aren't getting the full benefit of our CC, silence, and slows but melee can with theirs with 0 downside to a primary stat along with the same run speed bonus increase.

The transforms were designed with the run speed vs attack/cast speed dynamic in mind. More attack/cast speed = slower run speed until newer xforms are released and they balance it again in some way.  You had to choose the transformation for the situation and jump between them, and if you wanted more you unlocked more or chose with the selection potion.

Sleep and Fear have never been affected by cast time buffs (or debuffs for that matter).  Normal Sleep/Fear will ALWAYS take 2sec to cast regardless if you have 100% cast speed buff or 1000% cast speed debuff.  SM get a daevian that changes grp fear into 0.5s cast down from 1.5sec cast, however. Though, it's true there should be debate on how many skills one can get hit by while fear/slept/silenced as a ranger's silence is instant cast for instance and and so is their sleep but they can get off far more skills in the time you're silenced than a caster- this is true for all melees vs casters when silenced. Something should be said for the lack of Melee silence skills and the fact that SM was pretty much the only casting class with Body Root for so long and Sorcs are just now getting a melee silence says a lot. Sheba minion silence should have melee silence as well.  But we're getting off topic.


Revert the transformation cast speed/attack speed nerfs along with the movement speed increase on them as you're crippling one style of play and favoring another. The insane stats from T2 gear make it even more detrimental for one style of play to have such a ridiculous handicap.

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