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First you are not sure we will get a fix that is working and secondly why not voice your concern it is reasonable to be a bit upset and want to vent. why else would you have forums for the community. 

Me logging into the forums just for the drama  

You will be banned, permanently, for failing to complete your mission as a Daeva representing the Empyrean lords.

I get it but it might have been why it got messed up but it makes me worried on how they will fix I want to do stuff now but I don't want it to get messed up :( I do agree it sucks im like 95% complete with my cubics I saved all my extras but I am not wanting to start over either


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Guys the Boborinerk Gems are now in your Special Cube, I got them like at the bottom of the cube after many empy spaces, almost at the last one.
The coins Nylo worked for me, check there.
Cubic stats to 0 - I am panicking!! QQ

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  • Aion Team
17 minutes ago, HeartStrings-DN said:

BTW I'm sure this all worked fine when it left Korea... It's the hacks they add to it after they get it from Korea to obviously take things away from us that other regions have which break things I have no doubt..

There's no editing or changes done on our end. They're all done by the developers in Korea.

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