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Daishunerk's Game of Fate


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The rewards got upgraded by a lot. I tried my luck 10 times and all 10 times the top 2 final cubes were NEVER a smiley shugo and you only have one go there, once it fails, it fails.

(when I say ten times, I mean I made the lower squares all a smiley and then paid the 200 luna for the top 2. But not a single time did I get a smiling shugo.)

So to everyone who was going to waste money on luna for that, take this into consideration.

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22 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

Yeah i was really dissapointee about that Minium Vault can't be reseted with luna. And rewards from Game of Fate looks pretty good now so i almost burned my luna there.

But then i watched @Unbeatable-KT stream and damn rates are sooo bad, with 12k lunas i think he reached the Blue chest only a single time.

Better to stay away from that thing

Yes, the chances to get the top chests smileys is close to none. And it doesn't give you the chance to try again, you have to start over. RNG over luna which can be real money... that si a no from me. I'll check his video to see myself too.

(I had 52k luna from doing luna afks on my alts since I wasn't active for more than half a year so I had the time and I wasted enough for 10 tries, no more)

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