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28.820 m.crit = 92% chance


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Inside crucible spire (in the low section) you get an npc to buff you randomly, and it happens two times. the buff you get is random, at one point it gave me +20.000 evasion or something (or +25.000 I do not remember), so the mobs were not hitting me at all. Another time I got casting speed and attack speed.

My all time favorite of course was the critical spell one! Imagine if this was possible to walk outside with such a buff.



(p.s. I didn't know yet that the two crucibles share cool down, so I noobed, entered 2x the lower level which is utterly useless in rewards, so don't waste your entries on that)

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26 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

I haven't even tried Crucible yet because the different types confuse me lol. Will have to wait until I have some free time to check it out, maybe this weekend. That crit percentage is bonkers though! :o

And it is not guaranteed you get this specific buff. Anyways, know that lower crucible spire and middle crucible spire share cool downs, so going in the lower is going to waste your entries.

Take an alt if you want, the lower crucible is not timed, you can really do it as slowly as you want it. just so you test it. The rewards suck big fat time. I think it gave me 15 silver HP cubicles, which I am done since 6.2 or something and then when they got more levels I already had them waiting and got it in 1 day. And I think a really bad 7-days title.

and correction, my m.crit was 28.870 because you get +50 base.

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