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Daily: Collect the Stellin Employee Solving-Problem Request Bugged


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I've been back and foward with a GM trying to explain the issue but I really don't think they know deeply the game to understand. If there is anyone that has been doing these quests you might know what I mean. Maybe if we post our issue here they'll pay attention and fix it, or not.

Before Wenesday 29th I used to have 6 of each of those scrolls, after parch they are gone.


Not only that if you have the scroll in you cube and try to pick same quest it will cosume the daily but the scroll wont apear in the inventory.

What I need is help of ppl that has been doing this quest, check your cube and see if it happend the same for you. Hopefully a GM will read this someday and fix it. Accumulating these scrolls was very handy cuz it gave us the chance to do these quests when we had more time. And farming stellium is an important part of the game that NC made harder by not giving us the extra set of altar's siege that we should have since patch 7.0

thx to helpful players in advance,


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