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Prad fort guide


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Just ran Prad fort and still some confusion out there. Please help out if you familiar with the instance. TY.


  • At start Asmo and Elyos have 4 camps with generators:
  1. Should we kill the 4 generators first?
  2. Is there something we need to help kill the Boss in Prad?
  3. Should a group stay at the 4 Camps to protect the generators from Balaur mobs that spwn
  4. Or do we just need to protect 1 camp (the other 3 can fall)?
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Ran Pradeth siege again: We are still working out what to do in there.

No need to kill the other side's generators: After start, go kill one of the gates.

  • there is about a 7 min delay before one elite Mob spawns at each Generator.
  • We will get a message that the Generators are under attack.
  • One group may not be enough to kill the elite mob fast enough.
  • So: start at a gate.
  •  when we get the Generator Under Attack message, everyone go and defend the closest Generator. 
  • then get back on the gate.
  • and repeat.

We need to kill a second gate inside, then go to boss room.

  • When we fight boss, we may need to leave and defend Generators again.
  • We do not want the boss to re-set, (not sure it would if we all leave the room, but it might)
  • Leave 2 or 3 tanks in boss room with 2 or 3 healers.
  • everyone else, go defend one of the Generators then get back to boss.

If the generators are destroyed we are kicked out.

  • The Generators will re-spawn.
  • If we are kicked out, do not leave.
  • After Generators re-spawn, we can get back in.

Anyone else who has ideas about what to do in there, please let us know. TY


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