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Crimson Katalam map - clean version capture

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I couldn't find a whole clean map of Crimson Katalam, so I took a total of 225 images of the map in 100% zoom in and then I stitched them together, the final file was kinda big so I turned into a jpeg. Click to see the original file and download it to your pc.

I was going to do the same with the icons on the map but it is full of asmodian and elyos captured camps so the end map won't look clean.

Dimensions: 4756x4748
Size: about 16,6MB


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32 minutes ago, Hellbae-DN said:

LMAO kudos to you sir ! Well done :)

Thanks, the original screenshots were in png and they were not just the map, they included my whole client, so I cropped them and then sticthed them, so together they were a little less than 1 GB in size :D. Jpeg does miracles.

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