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Sorc Advance Daevanion skill frigid wave

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1 hour ago, Erreshkigal-DN said:


I have question about this skill, on database  

Frigid Wave: If critical it reduce target's movement speed reduction  for 5 seconds

But in NA, it's reduce 20% movement speed for 8 sec and it's 100% chance

Was that a mistake on translating?

it says "on an accurate hit" which means that either this is a bad translation or it means indeed it works 100% as a slow as long as the enemy does not resist the hit itself.

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Base skill:

Deals 1425 water damage. If critical hit, snares the target by 30% (3 seconds).

Advanced skill:

Deals 1710 water damage. Snares the target by 20% (8 seconds).

(You still have to land the hit in order to snare the target, but you don't need to crit)

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