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Unable to log in after restoration

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Hey, on the 1st day of the patch, I combined 2 A minions and failed (I combined them in Crimson Katalam, important later) which I then decided to use a restoration token to restore them. After support gave me the green light to log back in, I simply couldn't, this is what I see when I log my sorc 
It shows I'm level 0, nothing on my quickbar, but still shows the correct time. I tried to friend request myself and see if anything would change, nothing happened.
I sent back to support and they moved me back to obelisk location, as well as making me do a file repair, but nothing has worked so far.
I'm 99% sure this bug happened because since I combined them in CK, they probably restored an instanced version minion copy of them (if that's how it works, lol) which makes the game crash when I log back onto one single server.
I can log all other characters fine.
Any advice on what to do next?

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5 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Could you ask them to move your toon to Katalam to see if that works?

I was going to, but yesterday I asked support if they can delete the minions but ONLY if they can give me level 4 contracts of Viola and Hyperion (minions that i fused).

Of course, support being support, removed my minions and gave me NOTHING. ****edit**** I didn’t read it properly, this is what they wrote

“Hi there,

We've gone ahead and removed the restored Viola and Hyperion then restored the new minions to your Minion list. If the issue still persists, please provide a screenshot of the error and update this ticket for further investigation.”

Best thing is,I STILL can’t log my sorc, and I have no idea why.

Idk what to ask them to do anymore, if I should rollback my sorc to pre 7.2 if that even is possible, but then again I’d lose all my Katalam gear.

@Cyan I don’t think there’s anything you can personally do, but I’ve lost all hope

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Actual update: they restored the minions and I can now log fine
The issue was me being at 199/200 minions before they restored, and it got to 201/200 when they did, and I guess the game had a meltdown. They just asked me to remove 10 minions and they restored them

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