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Trying to come up with a guide for people starting from scratch


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Well, 3 weeks, got from scratch, around 15500 mag att, 2200 pvp att, stock of blod marks, stelium and genesis crystals, a few daevanions. Soon to upgrade the weapon to ultimate, which will put me with 16000 mag att. Its not anywhere like "good status", but for someone with 3 weeks its not like you can expect much better without bigger effort or money. From now on ill be using the resources i had acumulated over time, so it wont count anymore.



On 2/21/2020 at 9:18 PM, 1s2062B2-KT said:

I returned to the game 2 or 3 weeks ago and here are a few things I wish I had known.

don't throw out old weapons if you are a duel wield class as they might still have some use.

Don't buy any godstones or idian.

Don't throw out old skins, they might be worth something.


Make a bunch of alts and afk luna on them daily, on a few do not craft the luna  just keep the mats to make transformation contracts and get the free transformation mats from bcm to these alts, distribute evenly among them so they can all work towards them at the same time.

Buy gold ingots (as many as you can, as often as you can) on a couple of alts, these will be used to buy legendary mats that you will need 40 of, you can buy 5 a week with 25 gold ingots, these will be used to get legendary transformation contract, you will also need two of the legendary transform mats from BCM, you can get 1 free per month.

Don't waist gold ingots that you got from exchange to buy that started weapon or armor box that you can buy with ingots , that stuff is not worth it.

There is a guy in Lakrum main base that will give you mats to make legendary daevanation skill book.

Get genesis crystals and bloodmarks, make sure you follow that Windstream quest line for the free ultimate pvp piece, ( I suggest picking the chest).

Do not put nice skins on gear you plan to upgrade, wait to put the skins on when it is fully upgraded so you don't lose the skins.


Yes, this is all important advice, about the luna farming on alts, adn it's pretty much mandatory. Afk is the rule of the day. And the week. And the month.

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