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Unrelated It's Finally Happening!!

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Hi Guys!!

Just Wanted to let Y'all know I may be absent for a few days because my move to Illinois is finally happening today!! We Leave this afternoon! I can't tell Y'all what a relief this is to finally get out of here to better medical care etc., etc., etc.

Next time y'all hear from me it will be from Wauconda Illinois!! Can't wait to get there , set up and back on Aion! See y'all there folks!! :)

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Thanks, @Aly-DN, While we did forget a few things Yay! we finally made it! I'm writing this reply from Illinois!! Had a hard time getting here tho during the first leg of our journey tho. Had to replace all 8 tires ( 4 on my boat's trailer and the 4 on my truck) plus 1 coil pack. After that tho it was smooth sailing.

Sssssshhhhhhhwwwweeeewwww!!! tho I'm just happy to finally be here and to be able to pick up the pieces and move on. See y'all in game............ ooops, gotta lose the southern accent now, lol.

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