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Time to talk about Selective Retune - Feedback


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SELECTIVE RETUNING is a important thing when u are making a gear, usually we need 20 - 30  luna tunes per piece to have decent stats.

we have to retune 17 items.... every piece has 4 stats to retune..

17 (pieces) * 30 (AVG selective retunes per piece)  thats 510 selective retunes, every selective retune (only on ultimate gear) is about 160

510*160 = 31 600 lunas . almost 400$ to have a set with decent stats, and we need to retune at least 2 sets ( pvp and pve gear)... so 2 sets = 800$ . so unfair for an necessary feature...

WHILE IN OTHER REGIONS IT COSTS around 0.2 cents per selective retune in NA it's almost 3$

 @Gideon @Cyan can u consider to lower the selective retuning please . xpecially now when new/old ppl can get new gear for alts/main from red katalam and new meta is have multi gears. ty.

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