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Ec fixed right?


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11 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

I got into one after waiting about 30 mins. The main alliance had 16 in it and the other two had 2 each. The Elyos looked to have less, though I didn't count.

Something is definitely wrong.

We get max 2 alliances vs 2 alliance and it is weird. I entered late and we had less than 48 vs 48, it was indeed 2 alliances on each side but not full. To get full Ec rewards we need 4v4 alliances, this was something that existed from before. The rewards are awful now. EC used to be the best pvp instance with the best rewards. Now it is meh.

The battlefield Etium Bundle gives 1 ultimate and 2 legendary. And I think you get that if you have more than 4k points or something (not necessarily win). I could be wrong in this.

Overall 2 ultimate etiums and 3 legendary ones for winning... that sounds like the rewards we get when we lose ID. EC was the only instance I would luna reset, and I will defo NOT reset with these rewards.

I would also love to see 1 platinum bundle instead of 20 silver ones. Someone said it might be because of overall personal points (as if they are trying to fight afkers) but this is not the case, I had the most points, still the bad rewards.



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I've done EC twice so far, the first was an all afk loss and I got 1 legendary etium, 1 support box, and 10 silver cubicles. The second one was a loss as well but I didn't afk that time, got 4 legendary/2 Ultimate etium and same box/cubicles, no etium bag either time. For sure something is off.

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