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Jumped Character Missing things


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1 hour ago, MsAzphelumbra-KT said:

Well, I'm levelling my character but now in Lakrum I have no campaigns or quests to do so I could receive the accessories that were ready before this last update! I only had a rest of a few weeks with my family and now I have no idea what to do, nice job AION! >:(

Risiel equipment is pretty dope though, it really makes you not need to do any low lvl instances to get geared, for pve it also gives you 2 accessories. I would simply do some pandora quests while they are still on and get me the T2 pandora ultimate accessories. It is far faster and easier to gear up now on pve for new players, and of course getting the real T2 pve items from instances is near impossible.

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I read this thread and decided to see what a new player could do after an L80 jump--but not using the Reisel set, because that sounds like cheating.

So I made a L80 Gunslinger. She turned up in Lakrum in just panties. While the Gunslinger has all the skills, none of them work without a weapon (pistol or aethercannon).

A new player can get a 7-day trial of the prestige pass. Prestige enables Atreian Passport, which gives a million kinah on the first day. The kinah lets you get around, but isn't enough to buy gear or stigma stones.

Now there's a puzzle about how to "bootstrap" the gear, because I don't think you can kill anything in Lakrum with just fists.

There are Prestige quests, and I ended up getting three, Aetherogenetics Lab, Kromede's trial, and Fire temple.

Kromede's trial was first. Silver Blade Rotan is obtained inside, which served as my one and only weapon. I've done Kromede's trail many times, but it never occurred to me that you kill the bosses with only panties as armor and with just Rotan as a weapon. Anyway, it works, and the final boss gives a Gunslinger the choice of a pistol or aethercannon (I got the latter).

Most Gunslinger skills require dual pistols, which I got courtesy of prestige quests for RM-86C (or some name like that) and soloing Fire Temple, in panties, equipped with just an L10 aethercannon.

I then went to Cygnea and discovered an L80 Gunslinger in panties with L10 and L20 pistols and an L10 aethercannon can kill just about anything. The kills aren't very fast, though. This lets you pick up armor so you don't look stupid.

That's as far as I got. Bastion of Souls might be a next step. The last boss might be tough, and you have to kill it to get any type of credible armor. Another possibility is the Pandora armor, but it takes several weeks to develop gathering skill and then collect enough tokens--which have a weekly limit. I still think the Reisel armor is cheating.

Other classes might have a different strategy.


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4 hours ago, Glinda-EK said:

I read this thread and decided to see what a new player could do after an L80 jump--but not using the Reisel set, because that sounds like cheating.

Whether you do a character level 1->80, or jump him at lvl 80 on start, you still get the Risiel set at level 80.

Risiel sets are a feature of 7.2 and will be there permanently. Getting Risiel is not a cheat.

while Jumping character sounds more like the cheat here.

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3 hours ago, Mattatron-KT said:

Can we still make the Jumped char now ?

Yes, you can make one per account, you need prestige to use it and once you do the character you cannot undo it or get a refund on the jump function and do another one for example.

I had a small problem, when I tried to do mine, the name was taken and it then bugged, I had to close the client and retry.

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