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Depends how you look at it. It's really small and getting smaller since there are no rewards worth while to pve and pvp for. As a new player its never been easier to get gear or catch up gear but it should worry you.

They nerfed a lot in the recent patch to make gearing up faster and halting progression to a stand still. Many players from my legion are not even logging in because the game is not rewarding to them.

Exp and drops from pve nerfed = no reason to run it

Pvp instances give you nothing when you are max geared and ques are sometimes 10 minutes or more.

It's now NCs turn to do something

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@KOONS-KT The game definitely has some quiet hours when a lot of the NA players are asleep, but generally speaking I would say that no, the game is not dead because there is still a community large enough to play the content offered by the game. Siege still draws enough players to crash a NASA computer, instances/dungeons still form groups easily enough, depending on which server you are on you can find shard-wars style pvp at the Guardian/Archon outposts in Lakrum, or venture to the cross-server map to find more pvp.

Gear-wise, it is easier than before to catch up with other players' PVP gear tier, but enchanting is where things get grindy. PVE I am a little less knowledeable about but you get given a started set which I know is enough to participate in 80% of PVE dungeons, which will eventually give you the gear to clear the other 20%.

The game now features "windstream" quests which are 2 quest lines which act as an interactive in-game tutorial for you. Once you finish them you get 1 piece of Ultimate PVE gear (your choice which) and 1 piece of Ultimate PVP gear (your choice which). Log in and give it a try; I think if you enjoyed Aion then, there is a good chance you will enjoy it now :)

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1 hour ago, KOONS-KT said:

Hey Guys, i'm come back player since 2009... Can you tell me if the game is still alive with a good number of players? I miss the best pvp I ever played in MMORPG :(

Just your resident pessimist here to tell you the game we enjoyed since launch is dead, gone and not coming back. The Aion you are familiar with was completely killed when 6.0 arrived. There are still enough people around to play but if you ask me, there really isn't anything actually enjoyable or rewarding about the experience anymore. As much as this game needs more life injected into it, I absolutely cannot recommend coming back to it or investing your time, energy, and effort into it in any way. It's been all but abandoned by NCSoft west and NCSoft (the parent company) doesn't care about NA at all.

The game is dying. Slowly.

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Is the game dead? Well, I think it isn’t dead yet but the population is slowly dropping. On DN, its hard to find any PVP outside of sieges nowadays (excluding Katalam here because thats cross server). Most people pvp in Katalam, and even with that, I wasn’t finding nearly as much people as I thought I would when I traversed the whole map.

If you log on more toward peak times, I guess you may find enough pvp to be satisfied. Outside of that, don’t expect much. I slowed down on the game a lot because nothing really feels rewarding anymore. Especially if you are new, the game will probably be dead by the time you actually get geared.

My advice? Don’t start if you expect the population to be thriving as it used to. Even the new Katalam didnt drive as many players back as NCSoft thought, and they don’t even care much for the game anymore.

Even if you do come want to come back, don’t plan to get far without spending a pretty penny. With many things nerfed for new players and a lot of people fully geared, you will constantly get destroyed if you don’t pay in this game. And I’m mot talking $100 or $200, I’m talking over $1000 if you want to get anywhere at a decent pace.

Its a shame, as Aion used to be a great game and I absolutely loved it back in the day. With the state is in now, its not worth your time and money. I’m not stopping you by any means, as you can try it for free. But once you start the grind and realize how painful and annoying it is, you probably won’t want to stick around long unless you have an extremely large bank account.

Just an fyi - most people who pay a ton already:

1. Have upgraded deav skills

2. Have ultimate xforms

3. Have full T2 +15 alrdy

4. Have upgraded stigmas

5. Have grade S minions

-Good luck if you come back mate. I wish you the best. 

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@Vantheria-DN really has the right of it.

Aion has been dying since the day it launched and there have been many points since then when players have proclaimed it "dead". And yet.. here we all still are.

I think the point is that there are less and less of us. The population of this game is steadily declining. The profits from this game are steadily declining. I would say that the attention paid to it by the staff is steadily declining too, but it can't get much less attention that it does right now. We do get these odd blips of attention.. just enough to keep diehards hopeful that some day soon things will change. But if we are all honest with ourselves, we know this isn't going to happen. 

The game is free to play. You can do anything and wear anything and use all aesthetics without spending a dime. If you devote your days to Aion and know all the tricks and ins and outs and you get deep into a really good and geared legion, you can even become competitive. If you are willing to spend a lot of real money, you can become competitive. Otherwise, if you just enjoy the nostalgia and don't mind being mediocre, then come on back. The only thing you risk is your time.

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13 hours ago, KOONS-KT said:

Hey Guys, i'm come back player since 2009... Can you tell me if the game is still alive with a good number of players? I miss the best pvp I ever played in MMORPG :(

Well September 22nd 2009 was when Aion was released in NA you last played it in 2009?

It is not like you got used to the "old" Aion and want to know the current status.

You literally missed the beginning, the rise and the fall of Aion altogether. And to answer your question... we are at the fall of Aion at the moment.

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Come back, the things are easier now: you can reach max level in some hours instead of some weeks like in old times, you can get decent gear in 1 or 2 weeks instead of farming long time to get 1 abyss piece, with less people now you can go to a playable siege instead of the old times at 0 fps for thousand people in same fortress, etc.

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On 2/17/2020 at 9:51 PM, KOONS-KT said:

Hey Guys, i'm come back player since 2009... Can you tell me if the game is still alive with a good number of players? I miss the best pvp I ever played in MMORPG :(

Yes, Game dead . 

don't ask us "why" 

you have to go ask Ncsoft .

look at those event , they only sell rubbish with galaxy price and they never take any feedback for Event even we said we going to pay for "Good event" . 

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