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Capabilities of @NCWest


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I was hoping someone important could shed some light on what NCWest is capable of doing in terms of making changes to the game. I know their hands are tied for the majority considering they don't develop the game, but it would be good to get something like a list of what they are typically allowed to do.

Knowing this would allow the community to give suggestions and ideas specifically in areas that NCWest are actually able to work on rather than the boatload of pipedreams the Suggestions subforum is currently filled with. Their naivety erks me. Sorry. 

I just sort of feel like the community could do so much more to help MAKE AION GREAT AGAIN if they knew what is and isn't plausible. 


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I agree! It would be nice to know what we can and can't come up with as a community

On 9/22/2017 at 1:03 PM, Gideon said:

Coming Up

We're coming up quickly on our annual Harvest Revel celebration. We have some brand new events, a plethora of new costumes, and more! Lastly, keep an eye out for information on another of our projects - we can't give away too many details now, but we're certain it will greatly improve player experience.

also still eager to hear what this surprise project is from the Beyond the Windstream newsletter :$

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