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Jump Character doesn't work


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I just deleted a Vandal from my main account (he was in risiel, aka totally worthless) to make one more sorc for the abyssal splinter event.

I do have prestige and never used the button before.

So I clicked the button, it took me tot he class selection page, I selected Male Sorcerer and it then took me to the page to make the appearance details and put a name, once done I hit create character and it said "failed to create character". I tried more changes maybe there was an issue and then I went to the main character selection screen to try again.

Now the button is regarded "used" so it won't allow me to use it as it is a one time. So I used the button, it failed to create the character and now it is gone.

Now I am sure at some point I might get a support message telling me I need to get banned and die because I abused the button or something. Don't laugh, everything is possible.

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