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Have not played Aion in some years now come back the past week to accounts being deleted :( that god my main account was not, and what the hell with crafting sent years and lots of money making master in all crafts and buying designs to having nothing what is going on. All these changes are a joke and there is so much more that is so wrong what have you done to Aion :(

A very sad player that played Aion from the start but had to stop due to being ill. 


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The only way your accounts were deleted is if you played before the migration (account name) to the new login system (e-mail). This was probably.. 5 or 6 years ago? Maybe 7? And even then before anything was deleted, there was at least a year of requesting players migrate with incentives to do so and then emails sent to all account emails stating that unless you migrated your account to the new login system, it would be deleted.

So it's sad if that's you, but you can't really blame NCSoft for that.

As for the changes to crafting, you are a year+ late and definitely a couple of $$s short on that complaint. Yeah. It blows. But meh. Games change over time. If you were going to come back and expect the game to have stood still in the past 5+ years, you will definitely be disappointed. And if you came back after 5+ years and the game -hadn't- changed, you would have every right to complain about that, too. Games are supposed to evolve or they would be boring as all hell.

Bottom line.. the game went on without you. If it's changed too much and you can't get into it again, then that's the way things are. That's just life.

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The game is smaller and not as populated as before, learning curve is going to be high as everything has changed and there are a lot less resources out there to find info on the current state of the game.

Geared players are so far ahead that it will be hard to catch up, the worst part is the transformations that are hard to get and give already geared players a huge advantage over players that are returning and don't have access to them.

Expect to need to spend some $ in the BCM if you want to play and actually have fun.

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