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Another Suggestion in the rubbish can!! lol


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20 hours ago, 1s31499E-KT said:

Transformations! make them a bit easier to obtain!!!

Thanks all. That's the topic lmao.

The support team told me to suggest the idea in the suggestion box, and they will ignore it. lol

They already have it easier, with abyssal splinter you can be getting max one legendary per month per account but yeah you need to have 12 alts possible to do it and s-rank all of them daily and to do it it means you need to have them geared which could take a while. Or you can also reset with luna, the first 3 entries are only 40 luna per entry. At some point everyone should already have one legendary.
If you are going to bother with it actively, I'd suggest you to gear a few alts in your account so they can also do s-rank, try Spirit Masters they can s-rank it every day with the help of their pet tanking the boss and have some items not just risiel, then put the Abyssal Fragments to account wh and claim them with your main.
The good thing is that if you have lets say 4 characters that can do them, you can do their free entry and do +3 luna resets with each for only 40 luna per entry.

Also these transformation contracts are brokerable!

You can also also get 1 legendary every 2 months with the memory shards of transformation, but you gotta do all lugbug weeklies for 2 months, it is also 100% free of charge.

If anything, getting legendary transforms has never been easier since transforms have been implemented, because now there i actually a way to get them with 100% certainty, but it obviously takes effort to do it. They will NEVER make transformation acquiring super easy to the point everyone will simply own them all.

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