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I need some explanations on my healing skills.

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I only play solo since all my friends left Aion some time ago and me not having good armour set and weapons I do not even try anymore to be accepted in groups. So my question is why my healing skills do not do what they are supposed to do? What I mean is I only get so little healing that is ridiculous, the skill says something completely different from what actually happens when in use. Plus I have "zero healing" on my character's description! Is there something that I am missing?

Now even playing solo has become hard, also because I do not like PvP and I have levelled up to 80 all my 8 characters and even with the latest armour sets and weapons you get free in Lakrum I'm with no healing! I get killed in one shoot if I dare to get too far in Lakrum, I do not even dare to go to the new maps. :)

Can someone enlighten me on how to get my healing work as it did before, please? Thanks.

Well, I think I should find a new game at this point, but, I cannot leave AION <3 it will be hard for me to find a similar game with a controlled PvP since all I see is open-world PvP everywhere on the game I would like to try.

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If you are playing SW, you need to turn off Impassion as that gives you -800 heal boost, If you are playing cleric you can't have Sacrificial Power equipped as that gives you -1500 HB and it can't be turned off.

The Risiel Set you get in Lakrum is more then enough to group up for FM/PF/IDD.

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Yeah, they made the optional Sacrificial Power a passive skill, which can't be turned off, as mentioned.

When I'm soloing, I activate Amplification and Blessed Shield before the heal. The first two skills offer a lot of MP recovery but also 1100 and 500 healing boost. So the first two skills reverse the undesired effect of Sacrificial Power and give you 10 seconds to heal.

The changes didn't seem to serve a purpose.

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As was stated check you stigma skill there are 2 one give HB and reduces atk the other reduces HB and give atk. see what one you are using. As for @Glinda-EK comment about the changes they are very important because there is an extremely unhealthy part of gameplay for a class to have everything. Why were chanters in 6.2 nerfed so hard? because they could do it all. Why the cleric nerf? because they were easily in the top 3 classes in the game for a good while til we got this change. SW they just got their buff with this patch and it wouldn't be fair if 2 of the support classes were told they cant heal and dps at the same time if SW could so they got the same treatment. The purpose is you have to choose, do you want to heal or do you want to do the damages >:3 Simple you just make your choice and stop wanting to double dip

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