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Rotten to the core quest bug??

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Hi, first sorry my english is no too good, sorry about that; i was trying to do the campaign quest ROTTEN TO THE CORE after I talk to Saved Inanna the quest said i have to go to the extraction room and Find the ST-IX Extraction Tube the Spy Orb, but i can go anywhere because the are big boxes closing the way, so i fly and pass the boxes and I was infront of the extration room door but it never open, i thing there must be some problem with this, or if is not and the only problem it`s that I`m doing something wrong please tell me; have a nice day

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I can't remember exactly where they are, but I know they're on one of the walls. The quest marker on the map doesn't exactly match up to where they are either. So look on the walls. The quest is not broken; I've completed it on more than one character, most recently about two weeks ago.

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