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hi I am heading back to aion but our server is dead mostly , and I was wondering if there is a correct site, Where I can know about the Gear and everything else content wise , So I can get things started .. I used to play in beta , I keep asking chat for advice but no help at all.Also what is most populate server to go on . that isn't toxic that likes to talk and help others. 

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Aion Powerbook and Aion Online News (Update tab) are good summations of what has changed over time. Read through old patch notes to fully inform yourself of what happened since you last played.

As far as population is concerned, if you're on Katalam, you're already on the more populated server. The factions are relatively balanced. If you can play EU servers, you might be better off going to GameForge Aion instead since their population is significantly higher.

On toxicity: Unfortunately, what you see is what you get. The game stopped catering to casuals and went all in on retaining their remaining hardcore players, so elitism was bound to happen. Generally speaking, the people who remain are heavily invested, so many have the expectation that others around them should also know the ins-and-outs of the game either through playtime or through watching video tutorials on YouTube, etc.. That said, there are still some helpful people playing the game; just keep trying to ask questions on LFG and eventually you'll find people that are willing to answer you. Just don't pepper chat with constant questions and don't respond angrily if you get troll responses or no response at all. Breaking into established communities takes time. Join a legion if you can.

If you can get past the bickering and drama on the forums, there's plenty of information available here as well. Off the top of my head, quality posts come from a handful of posters like TheSecretCowLeve, DevilNest, Vantheria, Capa, among others. If you can't get the information you need in-game, try here.

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