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Qubrinerk's Monster Cubic Lab


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21 hours ago, Tiffany-DN said:


Why did it get changed from a 15 hour reset to a weekly reset?

It's hard enough even with a 15 hour reset to max out the cubics because you never get the ones that you need...

You get 7 entries per week per char. The cubicles are server wide, so if you have 12 chars and do it in all of them that is 84 labs per week which is a lot, and your alts dont' even need to be geared.

But the new cubicle lab doesn't drops the normal cubicles, but only the hard mode boss cubicles (similar to Pandora cubicles that were for Ereshkigal)

You do not need the alts to be geared since you are transformed in there.

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