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Well, I didnt really fix it. Either my modem/internet decided to stop working that moment, I havent seen that happen in a while.I dont use pingzapper so  I might not had the exact problem as you. Are you getting any lag spikes?Are you using the right options for ping reduce in pingzapper? That might be cause too.

I suggest contacting support, they might be able to solve your issue

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If this only happens with pingzapper then this is the problem. And it is nothing you can fix, unless you can change the server from pingzapper because apparently it is losing connection to the aion servers when a ping reduction service is meant to do the exact opposite, make a secure and fast connection.

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Am I missing bra?





A while ago between Taiwan and NA's 7.0 release, when NCTW was DDoS'ed, they ended up blocking all IPs outside Taiwans (including Hong Kong / Macau). Those affected who tried to connect to Aion can log in, after the Aion client finished loading, only the background shows without the ToS dialog appearing, then the disconnection message after about 10 seconds.

Did PingZapper got blocked by NCWest?

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