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Please sell gp on the bcm, sand shop or dag-nab-it even ebay cuz some of us as in just me will never siege enough to reach rank 5 and i dont mind spending money to enjoy the game.

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If you can't earn enough GP legit than you will never be a 5 star. There are many players who are in the same situation. And what's wrong with that? The game doesn't owe you rank transformation. You can play perfectly fine without one.

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Posted (edited)

Sell GP on BCM? Really? GP is only for the ranking, you cannot buy your ranks, it was possible the first 2 months with GP on Illumiel Brawl and it was a bad idea because the governor was buying his rank, displacing everyone else below him.

And the ranks are there for those who are active on sieges. 100 people can have a transform, so it is normal that some people cannot get enough to be on top of others who try harder.

If you don't siege enough then having a bought rank would only be bad for the whole faction, as it was with the perma ranks, before 6.5 FINALLY made it a monthly ranking thing.


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