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Returning after a long time, ping is INSANE

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My husband and I decided to give Aion another go, and the ridiculously high ping/rubber banding is proving really discouraging. We've never had an mmo lag this bad for us. Our net is good enough that we can -regularly- play online games with no lag while also streaming on a second monitor with no problem at all. I can't get Aion (Katalam, playing from USA, NC Ping enabled, -nothing else- running on our network) to run at any less than 400-700+ ping.

My question is, is this worth persevering through? Like, is this likely the result of covid traffic and not the norm, or is this just how things are now? I don't wanna keep beating my head against this wall if this is just how the game is now, but in researching the issue I haven't found any recent discussion on the topic.

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I think it's your area internet services provider, everyone stay home due to Covid-19 and everyone source of communication, entertainment are now online.

I played on Katalam too and my ping is 40ms (I'm using FO), the only problem I'm getting from Aion is getting log into the game is a pain for somedays, lol. It's just decide to crashed for no reason but when it's on it's stay on until the server forced disconnect me because I stay in game for too long! 

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My Pc is pretty basic for nowadays standard, keep in mind that this game is 10+ years old so you will do fine with any top of the line PC from 5 to 10 years old PC

Also for current play ability I suggest lots of Memory (Ram) and a Solid State HD

My Current Specs are:

16 GB Ram
Solid State 256 GB for Windows and Game
HD 2 TB (storage mostly music and movies)
Video Card GTX 1060ti Gigabyte
Mother Board MSI B450 Video Pro
Processor Ryzen 3 2200g

Lower FPS @ Siege (100+ Players @ lowest settings) 24 FPS
Highest FPS in a low player zone @ highest Settings 70-110 FPS
Low video lag Spikes, good reaction @ PvP

My only problem specially with last update is LAGGG!! I have been getting ping spikes from 60-80 to 200- 3k Random...


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5 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

I don't think they're playing the game or reading the forums anymore.

He probably asked because he has the same issue and wanted to know if they found out about it.

6 hours ago, LordGoldenChild-KT said:

did you ever find out why ?

Back in June 4th the lag was for everyone, the servers lagged, they did something tot heir routing and everyone got insane amount of lag. Ping reduction services helped a lot, but the problem was in the server. They seemed to have it fixed by now, but since you still lag a lot it must still create issues.

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