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BCM bugs and doesn't open


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@Cyan a friendly advice, in the next events please skip the necessity to enter BCM to do any part of the event please. Or we could get the pet from there once, but the 3 daily tokens from BCM could have been in the lugbug daily free hourglass quest or something.

I know you might have thought that if people are forced to open BCM every day they might get lured to buy something from there too, but not only it is rather empty and expensive, but it also bugs.

When the below bug happens, nothing solves it, other than totally closing the client and reopening it. And I do not even know what causes this. I guess having the character logged online for many hours jumping afk in studio, bugs it. But a few times I saw this right after I logged a client.


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19 hours ago, Tiffany-DN said:

This never happens on my Alienware PC

It has nothing to do with what pc you use, it is bugged by Aion. It is not like the game doesn't load or anything, BCM used to be a site and then they tried to implement it both ingame and a site and have these connected. It still acts like that because you can still buy NC coin outside the aion client (hence a site) and when you try to do it ingame it opens an ingame browser so you put your paypal info and make the purchase. It is their bad coding, it only happened to me once or twice after I left my chars logged for many hours afk jumping.

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