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Asmo Cleric KT- need help with stone

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Hey I'm playing a asmo on KT server and I was wondering what type of PvE stones should i put into my gear. Like I'm stuck between putting HP or HB stones in but I don't know  which one's would be better for when i'm healing in a group with people. 

Can someone help me understand this please. thanks 

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For pve, you need both HB and HP. With regular cleric HP buff, you should have at least 60k HP. Geared clerics can get up to like 85-90k HP. But you don't want to neglect your heal boost either. With Benevolence, you should be hitting at least 1200-1400 HB for instances like SL easy mode. Geared clerics will hit like 2100-2300 HB with Benevolence. Don't forget to retune your gear/accessories as the bulk of your stats will come from that.

Note, this is for mid-difficulty pve, like SL easy mode. For easy stuff like IDD and PF normal mode, you can have less HP and HB. For stuff like SL normal mode, PF hard mode, Beni Estate, etc, you need more than just 60k HP and 1200 HB.

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